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2023 Tips for a Home Remodel

Whether you want to sell your home in 2023 or enhance your comfort, a home remodel is always in demand. The upgrades and touches you give your property could help command a higher selling price or create the forever home you always wanted. Get started with some of the best 2023 tips for a home remodel.

Outdoor Living Experiences

pool remodel and outdoor kitchen - home remodel 2023 - keechi creek buildersOutdoor living experiences are trending for 2023 with plenty of upgrades and upscale touches. Start with a full outdoor kitchen with an oven, stove, wet bar, and pizza oven and enjoy eating al fresco. You'll never be stuck in the kitchen cooking while guests enjoy gathering around the pool without you.

An outdoor kitchen pairs well with an outdoor living room. Add weather-resistant furniture, comfortable couches, a dining area, and more to spend more time outdoors. You quickly expand your property's functionality without adding to your home's structure. Best of all, you create a unique experience and memory-making opportunities for your loved ones.

Enhanced Bathrooms

Give your home the royal treatment it deserves with an enhanced bathroom to start and end your day. Home remodel trends for 2023 incle bathroom saunas, luxury walk-in showers, stand-alone bathtubs, and upscale vanities. Depending on your home and budget, Keechi Creek Builders can also discuss expanding your bathroom, adding a walk-in closet, or expanding your window options. Imagine relaxing in a soaking tub while looking out your new windows and stepping onto heated floors.

Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchens also make the list of upgrades in 2023 with multifunctional islands, bold wallpaper and backsplashes, and energy-efficient appliances. Updating your kitchen is a wise investment with high ROI. Depending on the upgrades you choose, a kitchen remodel could recoup as much as 81.1% of your investment. Beyond ROI, a kitchen upgrade also expands upon the hub of your home. A kitchen often serves as an entertaining area, homework station, and area to do projects and talk after a day at work.

Even if you have a small kitchen, a home remodel project is still within reach. Consider a more functional layout or colors that make the space feel larger than life. Our team can also maximize all the empty corners of your kitchen with a wine grotto and storage solutions.

Home Offices

Home offices have always been a desirable addition, but they became essential during the pandemic and the rise of remote work. Add a home office (or two1!) to your home by transforming your basement, extra bedroom, or awkward space that's perfect for a workstation. If you have an oversized garage, you can also explore adding a home office with the right touches in place. Keechi Creek Builders are pros at transforming underutilized spaces into specialty rooms that reflect the aesthetic and upscale touches you're looking for.

Multi-Dwelling Residences

pool house - Common DIY Fall and Winter Projects - keechi creek buildersThe real estate crunch made multi-dwelling residences more desirable than ever before. Whether you want space for a relative or want to rent it out, an extra residence improves the ROI and useability of your home. If you already have a custom pool, consider adding a pool house. Beyond providing storage, a pool house can transform into a small dwelling with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom that doubles as a rental property.

Built-In Storage Options

Customized, built-in storage options that flow with your home are trending for home remodels in 2023. Whether you need more space in your kitchen or master closet, we offer upscale storage solutions within your existing structures. Use the built-ins as a display area or to tuck away projects, supplies, and more. Keechi Creek Builders can also look at options, like under your staircase or existing cabinets, that can accommodate more streamlined storage solutions.

Next Steps with Your Home Remodel

A home remodel is a worthwhile investment, but a significant one. The team at Keechi Creek Builders works with your vision to create a custom remodel to fit your signature style and lifestyle needs. Contact us today for a free quote on a custom kitchen! Call us today at 281-914-4951 or email us today.

8 Must-Haves for Your Home Remodel

A home remodel is a valuable investment that could expand your space's functionality, style, and usability. Research shows the average ROI of a home remodel is 70%, but some projects yield 100% and enhance your lifestyle. The question isn't whether or not a home remodel is worth it but where to start. Take inspiration from some of these trending projects to transform your home. 

1) Stand-Alone Tub and Walk-In Shower

Modern Bathroom - Custom Bathroom Services Houston - Keechi Creek BuildersThe days of shower and tub condos are becoming a thing of the past in master bathrooms. Today, homeowners opt for expanded walk-in showers and skip the bathtub altogether. It's also more common to see an oversized, stand-alone tub for a long after-work soak.

The size of your master bathroom also matters. You may be able to expand your bathroom to include a shower, tub, and an at-home sauna. Or your bathroom may look bigger by removing everything but an oversized shower to bring more luxury to your home. Keechi Creek Builders offers everything from a simple to complex home remodel, including expanding your space.

2) Oversized Kitchen Island

The kitchen serves as the hub of a home and needs a gathering space for entertaining, relaxing, homework, and projects. An oversized island offers functionality and style while checking the boxes for a multi-purpose room that meets your daily needs.

Luxury countertops and enhanced storage make your kitchen island invaluable. Our design and home remodel team can add the cabinetry and storage solutions you need to make your kitchen as comfortable and functional as possible.

3) Enhanced Storage Solutions

Part of enjoying and relaxing in your home is the ability to escape the clutter. Add storage to your home remodel wish list to tuck away everything from linens to kids' toys and office supplies. Enhanced storage solutions could include everything from invisible storage in benches tucked into sliding cabinetry and built-in solutions in your garage and den.

4) Vaulted Ceiling

If you've always wanted a larger, airier home, add vaulted ceilings to your home remodel plans. Vaulted ceilings create the illusion of a larger and more expansive room, even if your space is small. Depending on the layout of your home, Keechi Creek Builders works with your big-picture goals to vault your living space, bedroom, or other areas to improve the aesthetics and value of your home.

In some cases, vaulting your ceilings may not be the right option for your home or budget. Our design team can also brainstorm creative solutions, like tray ceilings, cathedral ceilings, or larger windows that may prove less expensive.

5) Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen designer by outdoor kitchen desginerOutdoor kitchens are a valuable home remodel project with a unique opportunity to expand the usable space of your property. Instead of keeping up a large yard, you can use part of it as an outdoor kitchen for entertaining, year-round cooking out, and extra cooking space.

Opt for a simple outdoor kitchen thats' focused on efficiency and fun. Or create an entire outdoor oasis with a full kitchen, pizza oven, bar, and entertaining space.

6) Outdoor Living Room

An outdoor living room pairs well with an outdoor kitchen and maximizes your time in the fresh air. You can entertain friends without leaving the oven, mix drinks, and sip on cocktails under the stars without leaving your outdoor space. Add a custom pool, and you'll make the most of your time enjoying the Texas heat.

7) Customized Specialty Spaces

Amplify the available square footage of your home with customized specialty spaces. Keechi Creek Builders looks at your awkward nooks and crannies to create something highly functional and unique. Our home remodel portfolio includes luxury kennels tucked under the space of staircases, wine grottos, luxury garages, and more.

8) Luxury Closets

Do more with your closets than just store your clothes. Instead, reimagine what's possible with a luxury space featuring high-quality cabinetry, storage islands, and an enhanced lighting scheme. We can create multiple spaces or dedicate the closet to fit your individual needs With the right approach, your closet transforms into a private room to start and end your day.

Home Remodel - Next Steps

Ready to reimagine what's possible for your home? Our Design Services include AutoCAD & 3D Renderings, Engineering & Architectural Plans, HOA, and Municipality permitting. Contact the team at Keechi Creek Builders to discuss your home remodel project.

10 Remodeling Trends for 2023

Remodeling trends are always shifting, but one thing remains constant; more homeowners than ever plan to renovate or remodel their homes. Surveys show that 90% of all American homeowners plan to remodel their houses at some point. Nearly 40% of those homeowners are planning a renovation in the next two years.

If you're looking to 2023 towards the latest trends, you'll find innovation and playfulness with color, materials, and functionality. Here's what to expect and how you can borrow from the latest trends for your own home.

1. Gold Tones

statement piece for interior design trend in the woodlandsThis fall and winter, expect to see more gold-tone paint, fixtures, and decor warming up trend-setting remodels. If you're not sure how to incorporate more gold into your home, start with light fixtures. Oversized pendants are popular this season.

Or add gold-trimmed bar stools and cabinet pulls to your kitchen remodel for a luxurious touch. You can also look towards gold flourishes around your fireplace and windows for your living room.

2. Diversify Your Remodeling Materials

Two-tone kitchens are trending for their contrasting colors and materials. There's far more flexibility in how you approach your kitchen design. Today's trends embrace mixing wood, stone, and ceramic in one place. The two-tone kitchen also pairs well with the gold trend, enhancing your space with sleek touches. You can still choose the oversized marble kitchen island but look to wooden storage underneath or metal light fixtures above.

3. Get Vintage

Vintage trends come and go, but the remodeling trends for 2023 embrace what you already have. You don't need to gut your kitchen (unless you want to) and can build on your original space to create a vintage cottage look. Keechi Creek Builder's design team can discuss options that nod to vintage tile and colors without losing the modern functionality you're looking for.

4. Colorful Walls

Get bold with your color selection this fall and winter with accent walls and borders that pop. Choose colors you didn't dare to experiment with before, like bright green or blue, soft gold, and pink. Or make that small office feel expansive with a sea green accent wall for an eye-catching design.

5. Outdoor Showers

As pool and outdoor kitchen designers, Keechi Creek Builders loves helping clients reclaim their backyard and turn it into a highly functional space. Fortunately, the Texas heat turns ideas like an outdoor shower a reality nearly year-round. This 2023 trend maximizes your time outdoors without giving up your creature comforts. Take a swim, enjoy a hot shower, make dinner in your kitchen under the stars, and lounge in an outdoor living room with a television, a full bar, and lounge space.

6. Luxury Lighting

Luxury lighting takes center stage to soften your home. The trends point to oversized pendants, bubble lights, textured glass, and gold-toned fixtures in your lighting scheme. You can also look for clean, geometric shapes and lamps that embody the 1970s and Art Deco vibe. Practical, no-nonsense track lighting is also trending, and can also help enhance your space and could be the perfect choice in a man cave, garage, or recreational room.

7. Functional Alcoves

a dog kennel under the stairsTurn those empty nooks and awkward areas into highly functional spaces. Our design and renovation team can work with you to create a wine alcove or serving area that frees up more room in your kitchen or entertaining area.

Our team can also turn that small space under your stairs into a pet space. Add a decorative door that shuts and tucks away dog toys and beds when company comes by.

8. Designer Laundry and Mud Rooms

Above all else, laundry rooms and mud rooms are functional, but that doesn't need they can't be luxurious. Transform these spaces to add sinks, high-end cabinetry, built-in benches, and comprehensive storage solutions. You can also mount a television or entertainment system to make your weekend laundry chores more fun.

9. Embrace Self Care

Wellness is more than a practice or state of mind; it's also a home remodeling trend for 2023. Create emotional escape spaces, like renovating a room dedicated to sipping wine and listening to music with an incredible surround sound system. A bathroom spa or sauna creates a privacy area for instant high-luxury relaxation.

Even your kitchen can embrace wellness with touches like a built-in window seat, socializing area, composting station, oversized storage for healthy food, and anything else that makes you feel like you're living your best life. Consider blending soft decor and all-natural touches like bamboo and soft white hues to enhance that feeling of wellness.

10. Expand Your Vision

Whether you love bold, colorful backsplashes and walls or enjoy getting creative with lighting, you can lean into new and emerging remodeling trends for 2023 to find fresh ideas. It's not about keeping up with the trends but embracing them to enhance your home and style. The team at Keechi Creek Builders is here to help identity what you want out of your home functionally and aesthetically, to find the balance of both. 

Next Steps

Remodeling your home is an investment of time and resources, so you want to get it right first. The design and remodeling team at Keechi Creek Builders knows your home is a fundamental part of your lifestyle and home. Our experienced professionals work together to create custom spaces to fit your personal tastes. Contact us today for a free quote that embrace your favorite home remodeling trends for 2023! Call us today at 281-914-4951 or email us at info@cyp.rankpr.dev

5 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Transform Your Lifestyle

Outdoor kitchens are no longer a dream addition to your home but a realistic goal. The demand for outdoor kitchens is also rising, with a projected increase of 6.3% per year to $780 million in 2024. Take your pick from simple to high-end luxury to transform your outdoor space into a cohesive cooking and relaxation area. If you're not sure where to get started, get inspired by these five outdoor kitchen ideas.

1. Poolside Kitchen

Combine your love of swimming with outdoor dining with a poolside kitchen. Designed for casual entertaining, cook, and serve food right alongside the pool so you never have to miss out on the fun. Add ceiling fans to keep the gentle breeze coming and take a quick dip in between meals to savor the day. You'll feel like you're on vacation every day of the week.

Poolside outdoor kitchen

2. Covered Kitchen and Lounge Space

Turn your outdoor kitchen into an expansive lounge space that extends the living space of your home. This outdoor kitchen combines the feel of an open-concept living room where you can relax with a glass of wine and a movie or sit at the group dining table for a bite. Prep and cook your meal while you're outside and watch the sunset with your guests.

Outdoor Kitchen And Lounge

3. Contemporary and Chic

Outdoor kitchens can look as sleek and sophisticated as you choose with the right design approach. Combine clean, modern lines and muted colors with a pop of red to bring life to your outdoor space. A heated lamp keeps you feeling cozy while dining under the stars all year long.

4. Luxury Indoor-Outdoor Dining Area

Make your outdoors your favorite space in your home with an indoor-outdoor living area. Step inside and fire up the stove to create your favorite meal or enjoy entertaining while lounging on couches and recliners. This luxury dining area creates an extended entertaining area in your home, or enjoy it for yourself after a busy week.

Outdoor Living Area

5. Outdoor Oasis

Transform your outdoor space into an oasis with a look that complements your landscape. This outdoor oasis carefully combines a look that feels inspired by nature while retaining an ultra-modern look. You won't mind standing behind the stove when you're surrounded in nature and a flawless look right in your own backyard.

Whatever outdoor kitchen you choose, align it with your lifestyle goals. If you want to entertain more often, focus on outdoor kitchens that combine expanded seating areas. A family with an active lifestyle who enjoys the pool should consider a highly functional poolside kitchen with easy access for snacks to meals. And if you just want to relax and spend more time outdoors, make sure it feels private and cozy enough to spend the day and into the evening hours.

The Keechi Creek Builders’ team prides itself on creating beautiful spaces inside and out that improve your quality of life. We work closely with you while taking care of all of the details of your remodeling, restoration, or renovation needs. Ready to talk about your outdoor kitchen remodeling ideas? Get in touch for a free consultation.

6 Custom Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Update Your Space

Custom kitchen remodeling can do more than transform your kitchen; it can help increase the value of your home and make you fall in love with your space all over again. Projects can range from minor updates like easy cosmetic refreshes to an entire overhaul where you end up with a brand new kitchen that improves the space's functionality. Whatever you decide, your kitchen renovation should complement the aesthetic of your home and improve your quality of life.

Ready for a kitchen renovation? Get started with these six ideas.

1) Cabinetry

Giving your cabinetry a refresh can showcase your signature style while without losing functionality. At a minimum, changing out cabinet and drawer pulls, or other hardware can make an impact on an outdated kitchen. Or create your dream kitchen with light and airy cabinetry that changes the look of your entire kitchen. Keechi Creek Builders' award-winning kitchen renovation took transformed a dark space to incorporate open cabinetry against a lighter palette.

kitchen cabinetry remodel

2) Lighting

Even the best custom kitchen remodeling project can feel underwhelming without the right lighting. If you can't fully capture the natural light or illuminate your kitchen with the lighting you already have, it's time for an upgrade. A lighting strategy should consider how you use your kitchen space what you like and don't like about it. Consider soft lighting, decorative overhead fixtures, and track lighting to bring more life and personality to your space.

3) Surfaces and Countertops

Surfaces and countertops are one of the first things homeowners look to during a custom kitchen renovation. A kitchen with gorgeous countertops is also one of the first things home buyers will see during a tour. Choosing popular, easy to clean surfaces like granite and marble is one place to start; however, it's also important to consider the intended use and aesthetic you want.

Limited counter space should be highly functional, but you can also get creative and enhance your lifestyle. A wine grotto transforms a wall of your kitchen into a stunning serving area with the right countertop to enhance the overall look of your kitchen.

wine grotto kitchen custom renovation

4) Trimmings

The trimmings around your kitchen may seem like small touches but play a pivotal role in your kitchen remodeling project. There are several approaches you can take, including:

Keep in mind that updating and reviving your kitchen trim may also require an overall paint strategy to tie the look of your kitchen together.

5) Paint

If your space feels dark or dated, you can give your kitchen an immediate update with a top to bottom paint refresh. In addition to your kitchen walls, try adding a fresh coat above cabinets, around doors, and along your kitchen trim. Your crown modeling and other areas may also need a paint touch up during your kitchen remodel. The team at Keechi Creek Builders transformed a dark kitchen with bright yellow and pink walls to this inviting, bright, and open gourmet kitchen with a neutral paint palette.

6) Appliances

Dated, inefficient appliances aren't just unsightly, they also cost you in the long-run with skyrocketing energy bills. New appliances don't have to cost a fortune and can increase a home's resale value with touches like restaurant-style cooking ranges and double ovens. Start by swapping out your old fridge for a spacious, energy-efficient option that helps reorganize your life while giving your kitchen an instant upgrade.

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Houston

Now that you have six custom kitchen remodeling ideas to choose from, it's time to figure out how to execute on your new look. Minor DIY kitchen projects may be within your reach, but larger upgrades are a big commitment that requires skill, the best materials, and the right strategy for a successful remodel. Or you can leave it up to the experts offering the best kitchen remodel services in Houston. Keechi Creek Builders works closely with our clients to determine:

The Keechi Creek Builders' team prides itself on creating beautiful spaces that improve your quality of life. We work closely with you while taking care of all of the details of your remodeling, restoration, or renovation needs. Ready to talk about your custom kitchen remodeling ideas? Get in touch for a free consultation.


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