7 Backyard Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

Are you ready to tackle a backyard remodel for your home? Visions of lazy days lounging around your pool and cooking up a feast in your outdoor kitchen are lofty goals but require the right approach to execute them flawlessly. Before starting your backyard remodel, know how to avoid these common mistakes.

1) Choosing the Wrong Layout

pool remodel and outdoor kitchen - home remodel 2023 - keechi creek buildersRemodeling your backyard without a suitable layout can make or break your experience. Your remodel should account for your overall space, how it faces the sun, and how it complements your home. If you want to add a luxury pool, you want to maximize the afternoon sun. You may also want a pool house, but it should be positioned adequately for your property and not block your home's view of the pool.

Everything about your backyard remodel, from start to finish, should work together and create a seamless flow. Otherwise, you could face issues if you ever want to resell your home or add more upgrades to your backyard.

2) Forgetting the Lifestyle Piece

Taking an aesthetics-first approach to remodeling your backyard may work fine, but not if you don't enjoy the long-term lifestyle aspect it brings. You may not want to invest time and money into landscaping over the years or keep up with the maintenance of a swimming pool. Instead, your backyard remodel should reflect your values and how you enjoy spending your time.

3) Not Thinking Long-Term

Thinking about the long-term works in tandem with your overall lifestyle. Think about what you want from your backyard over the next five to ten years. You may not be able to tackle every project at once, but your goals will directly impact the layout and how to plan.

If you know you want to enjoy an outdoor living room now, consider whether or not you'll want to include an outdoor kitchen in a year or two. The team at Keechi Creek Builders can discuss your budget and short and long-term vision and develop a strategy that grows with your goals.

4) Taking a Patchwork DIY Approach

Some elements of a backyard remodel may work well with a DIY approach. Selecting outdoor furniture, planting a garden, adding that fence, and investing in an outdoor projector are a few places to start. But when it comes to a complete remodel that requires permitting and construction, you need an experienced team that can handle every part of the process. Otherwise, you could end up joining the nearly 80% of homeowners who made mistakes while trying to do a DIY project, which could result in expensive property damage, serious injury, or home disaster.

Keechi Creek Builders offers turnkey, done-for-you projects to make your backyard remodel a reality. We work on small to large projects to enhance your backyard or give your home a complete custom remodel.

5) Overlooking Drainage Problems

Before diving into a backyard remodel, you need to consider your yard's pitch, slope, and overall drainage. Runoff with nowhere to go can cause long-term damage to your outdoor projects and delay the progress of your back yard remodel. You may need to address your landscape, add more drainage solutions, or consider a different remodel layout to accommodate the problem.

6) Ignoring Your Backyard Remodel's ROI

Backyard Remodel for Houston - Keechi Creek BuildersThe ROI of your backyard remodel (or your return on investment) should be considered before you ever break ground. You may decide you want the new deck or outdoor kitchen, no matter the cost, but understanding the potential ROI can help shape your decision-making process.

For example, choosing the right materials and adjusting the size could make all the difference between a healthy return and something that's lackluster or not worthwhile.

7) Choosing the Wrong Contractors

The design team and contractors you choose will directly shape the success of your backyard remodel. You may end up with a team that doesn't have enough experience with landscaping and custom pool installation, or understand how to make all of the pieces come together in a cohesive layout. The results could lead to more time and money to resolve the issue. Instead, choose a team with long-standing experience in the area and your specific vision and offers everything from permitting to design completion.

Next Steps

The team at Keechi Creek Builders offers a client-focused experience and takes every detail, including hiring and overseeing the best contractors in the industry. Whether you want an outdoor kitchen, living room, pool, pool house, or a customized solution, we can help you walk through your vision to find the best solutions for your property. Contact us today to discuss your project.

2023 Tips for a Home Remodel

Whether you want to sell your home in 2023 or enhance your comfort, a home remodel is always in demand. The upgrades and touches you give your property could help command a higher selling price or create the forever home you always wanted. Get started with some of the best 2023 tips for a home remodel.

Outdoor Living Experiences

pool remodel and outdoor kitchen - home remodel 2023 - keechi creek buildersOutdoor living experiences are trending for 2023 with plenty of upgrades and upscale touches. Start with a full outdoor kitchen with an oven, stove, wet bar, and pizza oven and enjoy eating al fresco. You'll never be stuck in the kitchen cooking while guests enjoy gathering around the pool without you.

An outdoor kitchen pairs well with an outdoor living room. Add weather-resistant furniture, comfortable couches, a dining area, and more to spend more time outdoors. You quickly expand your property's functionality without adding to your home's structure. Best of all, you create a unique experience and memory-making opportunities for your loved ones.

Enhanced Bathrooms

Give your home the royal treatment it deserves with an enhanced bathroom to start and end your day. Home remodel trends for 2023 incle bathroom saunas, luxury walk-in showers, stand-alone bathtubs, and upscale vanities. Depending on your home and budget, Keechi Creek Builders can also discuss expanding your bathroom, adding a walk-in closet, or expanding your window options. Imagine relaxing in a soaking tub while looking out your new windows and stepping onto heated floors.

Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchens also make the list of upgrades in 2023 with multifunctional islands, bold wallpaper and backsplashes, and energy-efficient appliances. Updating your kitchen is a wise investment with high ROI. Depending on the upgrades you choose, a kitchen remodel could recoup as much as 81.1% of your investment. Beyond ROI, a kitchen upgrade also expands upon the hub of your home. A kitchen often serves as an entertaining area, homework station, and area to do projects and talk after a day at work.

Even if you have a small kitchen, a home remodel project is still within reach. Consider a more functional layout or colors that make the space feel larger than life. Our team can also maximize all the empty corners of your kitchen with a wine grotto and storage solutions.

Home Offices

Home offices have always been a desirable addition, but they became essential during the pandemic and the rise of remote work. Add a home office (or two1!) to your home by transforming your basement, extra bedroom, or awkward space that's perfect for a workstation. If you have an oversized garage, you can also explore adding a home office with the right touches in place. Keechi Creek Builders are pros at transforming underutilized spaces into specialty rooms that reflect the aesthetic and upscale touches you're looking for.

Multi-Dwelling Residences

pool house - Common DIY Fall and Winter Projects - keechi creek buildersThe real estate crunch made multi-dwelling residences more desirable than ever before. Whether you want space for a relative or want to rent it out, an extra residence improves the ROI and useability of your home. If you already have a custom pool, consider adding a pool house. Beyond providing storage, a pool house can transform into a small dwelling with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom that doubles as a rental property.

Built-In Storage Options

Customized, built-in storage options that flow with your home are trending for home remodels in 2023. Whether you need more space in your kitchen or master closet, we offer upscale storage solutions within your existing structures. Use the built-ins as a display area or to tuck away projects, supplies, and more. Keechi Creek Builders can also look at options, like under your staircase or existing cabinets, that can accommodate more streamlined storage solutions.

Next Steps with Your Home Remodel

A home remodel is a worthwhile investment, but a significant one. The team at Keechi Creek Builders works with your vision to create a custom remodel to fit your signature style and lifestyle needs. Contact us today for a free quote on a custom kitchen! Call us today at 281-914-4951 or email us today.

How to Remodel a Houston Texas Backyard

If you're a resident of Houston, Texas looking to transform your backyard into a beautiful and functional space, there are plenty of ways to do so! Whether you're looking to add a new patio, create a vegetable garden, or simply spruce up your landscaping, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

#1 Consider the Houston Climate

First and foremost, it's important to consider the climate in Houston when planning your backyard remodel. With hot, humid summers and mild winters, you'll want to choose plants and materials that can withstand the weather. This means selecting drought-resistant plants, using gravel or pavers instead of grass for your landscaping, and investing in durable outdoor furniture and accessories.

#2 How Much to Budget for a Backyard

Another key factor to consider is your budget. Remodeling your backyard can be a significant investment, but there are plenty of ways to save money and still achieve the look you want. For example, you can start small by adding a few new plants or pieces of outdoor furniture, and then build on that over time. You can also shop around for the best prices on materials and labor, or even consider doing some of the work yourself to save money.

Backyard Remodel for Houston - Keechi Creek Builders

#3 Backyard Furnishings

Once you have a plan in place and a budget set, it's time to start bringing your backyard remodel to life! One of the most popular options in Houston is to add a patio or outdoor living space. This can be as simple as laying down a few pavers and adding some comfortable furniture, or as elaborate as building a full outdoor kitchen complete with a grill, sink, and dining area.

#4 Adding a Vegetable Garden

If you have the space and the inclination, another great option is to create a vegetable garden. This can be as small as a few pots on your patio or as large as a dedicated plot of land. Not only will a vegetable garden add beauty to your backyard, but it can also provide you with fresh, healthy produce to enjoy all summer long.

No matter what type of backyard remodel you choose, the key is to have fun with it and make it your own. Whether you're an avid gardener or just looking for a space to relax and entertain, there are endless possibilities for transforming your Houston backyard into the outdoor oasis of your dreams.

Avoid These Mistakes When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodels are an effective way to increase your home's enjoyment, functionality, and ROI. Even a minor kitchen remodel can bring an 81.1% return on your investment. Of course, if you want to maximize the value of your remodel, you want to do it right the first time. Before you start, here are the mistakes to avoid when remodeling your kitchen.

Ignoring the Flow of Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a central gathering space and one of your home's most functional and heavily trafficked areas. It requires the proper flow for entertaining, family time, and cooking, so approach your kitchen remodel with your day-to-day movement in mind.

Consider how you'll get from your oven to the kitchen island or through the doorway to the dining area and back. You may decide an open-concept kitchen is the right choice for your family or want to create a separate room from your home. Whatever you choose, work with a kitchen remodeling team to ensure the flow works for your needs and aligns with your expectations.

Choosing Your Materials Out of Order

When tackling a kitchen remodel, it's easy to get caught up in the big-picture fantasy and forget the details. For example, you could choose your cabinets and later realize they won't work with your favorite countertop granite. Instead, your materials must be considered together, from flooring to fixtures, to ensure they enhance your kitchen's aesthetics.

Focusing on Value Over Functionality and Style

Unless you have an unlimited budget, there's always a sense of urgency to find the best value for your kitchen. Sticking to your budget is always recommended, but you shouldn't compromise functionality and style. Choosing poor-quality materials turns your kitchen into something to tolerate instead of enjoying. The team at Keechi Creek Builder blends value, functionality, and style to find a design and price point that works for you.

Forgetting to Plan for Storage

Storage is an essential part of your kitchen's functionality. Whether you cook or entertain, you need enough cabinets, drawers, and shelving to accommodate your needs. You can also get creative if you don't like the look of excess cabinets. An oversized kitchen island hides away storage below eye level and keeps your focus on your loved ones.

Kitchens are increasingly transformed into multi-functional rooms to accommodate projects, homework, talking with friends, and working on hobbies. Instead of tucking everything into your pots and pans storage, we can talk through dedicated cabinetry and storage systems to make your kitchen as efficient as possible.

Failing to Maximize Your Space

Kitchen remodel - wine cave - keechi creek buildersEven open-concept kitchens benefit from maximizing your available space. You can still create an open flow while considering empty corners, awkward nooks, and crannies. The team at Keechi Creek Builders are experts at specialty projects, including wine caves and unique areas. We'll consider your goals and how to align them with your existing space.

Not Thinking About Your Appliances

Before you dive into a kitchen remodel, consider your appliances. Will you use your existing fridge, stove, and other devices or purchase new ones? The answer could impact the color palate, and overall kitchen remodel design.

You may not want a luxury design without investing in high-end appliances. You may also need to allocate additional funds to your devices or upgrade to a smart system.

Overdoing the DIY Trend

The rise of home remodeling shows and social media channels makes the DIY trend look positively tantalizing. Although some minor renovation projects may make sense for your budget, tackling a kitchen remodel requires an experienced team. From securing the correct permitting to finding the best contractors and materials, a seasoned kitchen renovation team understands the unique needs of your project and executes your vision safely and efficiently.

The alternative is a kitchen you feel disappointed over or regret the investment. Studies show that four in ten people have more DIY failures than successes. The mistakes can get costly quickly and tack on extra expenses to your budget.

Next Steps

Ready to reimagine what's possible for your home? Contact the team at Keechi Creek Builders to discuss your kitchen remodel project. Our Design Services include AutoCAD & 3D Renderings, Engineering & Architectural Plans, HOA, and Municipality permitting. 

When and Why You Need A Home Remodel

If you've always wanted to remodel or renovate your home, there's must to do than pick out eye-catching projects. From the right functionality to increasing your home's value, here are the whens and whys behind a home remodel and taking the next steps.

Enhance the Enjoyment of Your Home

A home should hold its value and maximize your investment, but be a place you enjoy living in. Making space for your family, friends, and lifestyle are a few places to focus on. If you enjoy being outdoors, consider a custom pool and outdoor kitchen and living room that expands the functionality of your property while enhancing its enjoyment.

Even your most underused spaces can transform to embrace more enjoyment and creature comforts. Consider adding a sauna or heated floors to your master bathroom, or outfit your closet with luxury touches and a storage island that maximizes efficiency and is a more comfortable way to start your day. 

Increase Your Home's ROI

One of the most popular reasons for a home remodel, or renovation is the increased ROI. Even if you don't plan to move right away, the ROI of a project can make it worth the investment and offer some peace of mind that you'll recoup the costs over time. Depending on the scope of your project, here are some ideas of the potential RO: 

ROI can fluctuate, so discuss your expectations with your design and home remodeling team. The types of home remodel projects you choose can also impact each other. For example, the ROI of a custom pool may not motivate you to proceed, but combining it with an outdoor living room and kitchen could provide the value and enjoyment you're looking for.

You're Thoughtful About How Long You'll Be in the Home

If you know you want to make a move soon, increasing the ROI of your home can help improve the potential offers. A home remodel also helps make the most of your home if you intend to stay in it long-term. After all, increasing ROI is worthwhile primarily if you plan to turn around and sell your home in the near future and benefit from the appreciation in price. But staying in your home indefinitely also requires an efficient and comfortable layout that blends functionality, style, and style to enjoy where you are for the long haul. 

Make More Use of Your Space

Design Trends 2023 - Keechi Creek BuildersDo you have awkward spaces around your home that don't serve a purpose? We can help make the most of the space you have to increase its function and purpose. Even a nook under your staircase can transform into a luxury pet kennel that reflects your home's style and brings comfort to your furry friends. Our design and home remodel team also creates wine grottos, man caves, luxury closets, and garages.

Create More Functionality

Even if you're making the most out of your space, that doesn't mean it's always functional. Take a look a what's going on in your kitchen, closets, and bathrooms. What is your storage like, and how well does the room flow and make your day easier?

We can create efficient, space-saving rooms that maximize storage while giving you more room to relax. Whether you want a more functional kitchen that also serves as the hub of your home or improved closets, we'll talk through your vision and goals for your home. 

You Have the Funds and Desire for a Home Remodel

Ask yourself what kind of funds are available for your home remodeling project. Depending on your situation, you may decide to pursue a home equity line of credit to renovate your kitchen or add on a new bathroom. But it's also essential to measure how vested you are and to expect interruptions in your day-to-day. Working with the right team can help. Keechi Creek Builders makes the experience as stress-free as possible, including securing permitting and the best contractors in the industry. 

Next Steps

Ready to reimagine what's possible for your home? Our Design Services include AutoCAD & 3D Renderings, Engineering & Architectural Plans, HOA, and Municipality permitting. Contact the team at Keechi Creek Builders to discuss your home remodel project.

8 Must-Haves for Your Home Remodel

A home remodel is a valuable investment that could expand your space's functionality, style, and usability. Research shows the average ROI of a home remodel is 70%, but some projects yield 100% and enhance your lifestyle. The question isn't whether or not a home remodel is worth it but where to start. Take inspiration from some of these trending projects to transform your home. 

1) Stand-Alone Tub and Walk-In Shower

Modern Bathroom - Custom Bathroom Services Houston - Keechi Creek BuildersThe days of shower and tub condos are becoming a thing of the past in master bathrooms. Today, homeowners opt for expanded walk-in showers and skip the bathtub altogether. It's also more common to see an oversized, stand-alone tub for a long after-work soak.

The size of your master bathroom also matters. You may be able to expand your bathroom to include a shower, tub, and an at-home sauna. Or your bathroom may look bigger by removing everything but an oversized shower to bring more luxury to your home. Keechi Creek Builders offers everything from a simple to complex home remodel, including expanding your space.

2) Oversized Kitchen Island

The kitchen serves as the hub of a home and needs a gathering space for entertaining, relaxing, homework, and projects. An oversized island offers functionality and style while checking the boxes for a multi-purpose room that meets your daily needs.

Luxury countertops and enhanced storage make your kitchen island invaluable. Our design and home remodel team can add the cabinetry and storage solutions you need to make your kitchen as comfortable and functional as possible.

3) Enhanced Storage Solutions

Part of enjoying and relaxing in your home is the ability to escape the clutter. Add storage to your home remodel wish list to tuck away everything from linens to kids' toys and office supplies. Enhanced storage solutions could include everything from invisible storage in benches tucked into sliding cabinetry and built-in solutions in your garage and den.

4) Vaulted Ceiling

If you've always wanted a larger, airier home, add vaulted ceilings to your home remodel plans. Vaulted ceilings create the illusion of a larger and more expansive room, even if your space is small. Depending on the layout of your home, Keechi Creek Builders works with your big-picture goals to vault your living space, bedroom, or other areas to improve the aesthetics and value of your home.

In some cases, vaulting your ceilings may not be the right option for your home or budget. Our design team can also brainstorm creative solutions, like tray ceilings, cathedral ceilings, or larger windows that may prove less expensive.

5) Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen designer by outdoor kitchen desginerOutdoor kitchens are a valuable home remodel project with a unique opportunity to expand the usable space of your property. Instead of keeping up a large yard, you can use part of it as an outdoor kitchen for entertaining, year-round cooking out, and extra cooking space.

Opt for a simple outdoor kitchen thats' focused on efficiency and fun. Or create an entire outdoor oasis with a full kitchen, pizza oven, bar, and entertaining space.

6) Outdoor Living Room

An outdoor living room pairs well with an outdoor kitchen and maximizes your time in the fresh air. You can entertain friends without leaving the oven, mix drinks, and sip on cocktails under the stars without leaving your outdoor space. Add a custom pool, and you'll make the most of your time enjoying the Texas heat.

7) Customized Specialty Spaces

Amplify the available square footage of your home with customized specialty spaces. Keechi Creek Builders looks at your awkward nooks and crannies to create something highly functional and unique. Our home remodel portfolio includes luxury kennels tucked under the space of staircases, wine grottos, luxury garages, and more.

8) Luxury Closets

Do more with your closets than just store your clothes. Instead, reimagine what's possible with a luxury space featuring high-quality cabinetry, storage islands, and an enhanced lighting scheme. We can create multiple spaces or dedicate the closet to fit your individual needs With the right approach, your closet transforms into a private room to start and end your day.

Home Remodel - Next Steps

Ready to reimagine what's possible for your home? Our Design Services include AutoCAD & 3D Renderings, Engineering & Architectural Plans, HOA, and Municipality permitting. Contact the team at Keechi Creek Builders to discuss your home remodel project.

10 Ways to Create a Winning Bathroom Remodel in Houston Texas

Bathroom remodel in Houston, TexasLooking for ideas for your bathroom remodel in Houston, Texas? Whether you want to bring more space and functionality or give it a full luxury upgrade, a bathroom remodel changes the look and feel of your home and daily routine.

The good news is a bathroom remodel can also yield one of the biggest returns in your home's resale value. According to Zillow, even minor cosmetic changes will command a $1.71 increase in home value for every $1 spent.

Choose from modern, contemporary, classic, spa-inspired, and more and turn your bathroom into your favorite room in the house.

Here are 10 ideas to start your bathroom remodel journey.

1. Bathroom Cabinetry

Your bathroom cabinetry can bring new life and charm to your bathroom remodel in Houston, Texas. Standard construction options often skimp on high-quality cabinet options in your bathroom. Take your pick of gorgeous wood stains and styles or ask for custom-built cabinet requests.

2. His and Her Sinks

His and her sinks not only improves the functionality and enjoyment of your bathroom but can also make your home more attractive during a resale. Make sure to include double storage or vanities in your bathroom remodel to maximize your space.

3. Bathtub Jets

Add bathtub jets for your bathroom remodel in Houston, Texas to refresh from those humid days. Whether you want to relax or take a cool bath to escape from the summer heat, bathtub jets offer more enjoyment to your bathroom.

4. Flooring

Bathroom carpeting was once popular as a way to warm up your space, but can also retain moisture and requires extra care. Tile is also an option or durable but gorgeous wood floors. Homeowners have their choice of colors, patterns, and textures to for their remodel that suits their style and needs. Another option are heated floors that give your remodel a luxury upgrade.

5. Countertops

Marble Countertops for Bathroom RemodelingStandard bathroom countertops often fall short when it comes to quality, beauty, and functionality. Granite, quartz, and marble are all popular choices for your bathroom remodel in Houston, Texas.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, adding additional countertop space can also help you declutter and offer more flexibility in your morning routine.

6. Lighting

The right lighting can transform the look of your bathroom. Keechi Creek Builders can assess your needs, preferred aesthetic, and the rest of your remodeling options to create a winning combination. Choose from a wide variety of bathroom light fixtures, placement options, and an assortment of accent and primary lighting for a look you'll love.

7. Sinks, Tubs, and Showers

Beyond double vanity sinks and jet tubs, the combination of sinks, tubs, and showers is integral to your bathroom remodel. Replacing your sink, fixtures and adding a new vanity offers an instant upgrade to your space. Choose from walk-in, sunken, or garden tubs among a wide variety of gorgeous bathtub options. Walk-in showers with double fixtures also create more space and intimacy for couples.

8. Bathroom Tile

Painted bathrooms freshen up your space for a clean look. However, tile can bring more value and style to your bathroom. You can also choose a combination of the two and add stunning tile to your vanity backsplash or shower walls.

9. Add More Windows

If there's flexibility in your bathroom remodel, considering adding more windows to your bathroom. A window near your soaking tub or shower brings in more light and offers a relaxing view of the sky during your daily routine.

10. Consider the Future

Bathroom remodel in Houston, TexasYour bathroom remodel should satisfy your immediate needs and desires for a stylish and functional space. However, it's also important to consider the future of your home. Will children use the bathroom? Will you potentially move in five years? Make sure your upgrade takes into consideration how your bathroom will be used in the near future.

A winning bathroom remodel in Houston, Texas blends quality, style, and functionality without compromising on creating the look you love.

Contact Keechi Creek Builders to discuss your budget and wish list to develop a plan for your bathroom upgrade.


Custom Home Building Process in Houston, Texas

Custom Home Building Process in Houston TexasIf you're thinking about a new home, it's essential to understand the custom home building process in Houston, Texas. The process can feel overwhelming but is straight-forward and can be easier than purchasing an existing home. You end up with the exact home you want without the need for costly renovations or continuous house hunting.

Get started and find your own customized home with our expert tips.

Do Your Research

Researching the custom home building process in Houston, Texas, is the first step in your journey. It's as simple as requesting a builder's portfolio or viewing it online. However, you want to view the outside of the home, as well as several rooms inside. A portfolio that only features the exterior of the house doesn't offer enough context. Get an example of a comprehensive portfolio with Keechi Creek Builders.

Initiate a Meeting with the Builder

Request a meeting with the builder to discuss your vision and plans for the future. The discussion shouldn't feel like a sales meeting, and instead, focus on what you're looking for. Here are a few examples of things to consider for your custom home build:

It's essential to refine why you want to live in the home. The more the builder understands your vision and needs, the more they can customize it to fit your lifestyle.

Initiate a Second Meeting to Tour Areas and Lot Sections

Once you're comfortable with the builder, it's time to initiate a second meeting to tour areas and lot sections. You'll also discuss finances, budget, and permit requirements for your custom home build. Expert builders with knowledge of the area should have in-depth knowledge of the permitting process and Houston lots. Keechi Creek Builders has been in the custom home building business for 15 years and has an intimate understanding of the marketplace and Houston lots.

Get a Custom Home Estimate

Pricing for the custom home building process in Houston, Texas, can vary depending on your interests, location, and builder. Ask for a detailed quote that breaks down your home estimate. The builder may give you a basic estimate that comes with a few customizable features to choose from. Another tier may include an estimate for luxury upgrades, an outdoor kitchen, or a custom pool. Once both parties agree on all of the customizations, it's time to get to work on the home plan design.

Receive Your Home Plan Design

Once your builder has your specifications for features and upgrades, the team will get to work on the home plan design. At an agreed-upon date, you will see your custom floor plan. You'll also have the opportunity to review and approve your designs before signing a contract to build your home. If you changed your mind about any upgrades or have questions about the process, now is the time to ask.

Get Ready for Contract and Closing

It's time to sign the contract and close on your building plans before construction begins. Your final contract will now be delivered with an itemized list of everything. The builder can also discuss financing options, what to expect, and any preferred lenders they like to recommend to their clients.

Your Construction Begins

As construction begins, your design team should regularly keep you in the loop with updates, check-ins, and progress views. Ask your build team about timeframes for when your home will be complete to make sure it aligns with your goals and needs. They should have a range that incorporates delay time due to inclement weather or holidays. 

As your custom home design comes together, you'll realize the benefits of getting to decide what your home will look like and how it complements your lifestyle.  If you're ready to discuss your custom home building process in Houston, Texas, get in touch with Keechi Creek Builders to discuss your dream house.

6 Custom Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Update Your Space

Custom kitchen remodeling can do more than transform your kitchen; it can help increase the value of your home and make you fall in love with your space all over again. Projects can range from minor updates like easy cosmetic refreshes to an entire overhaul where you end up with a brand new kitchen that improves the space's functionality. Whatever you decide, your kitchen renovation should complement the aesthetic of your home and improve your quality of life.

Ready for a kitchen renovation? Get started with these six ideas.

1) Cabinetry

Giving your cabinetry a refresh can showcase your signature style while without losing functionality. At a minimum, changing out cabinet and drawer pulls, or other hardware can make an impact on an outdated kitchen. Or create your dream kitchen with light and airy cabinetry that changes the look of your entire kitchen. Keechi Creek Builders' award-winning kitchen renovation took transformed a dark space to incorporate open cabinetry against a lighter palette.

kitchen cabinetry remodel

2) Lighting

Even the best custom kitchen remodeling project can feel underwhelming without the right lighting. If you can't fully capture the natural light or illuminate your kitchen with the lighting you already have, it's time for an upgrade. A lighting strategy should consider how you use your kitchen space what you like and don't like about it. Consider soft lighting, decorative overhead fixtures, and track lighting to bring more life and personality to your space.

3) Surfaces and Countertops

Surfaces and countertops are one of the first things homeowners look to during a custom kitchen renovation. A kitchen with gorgeous countertops is also one of the first things home buyers will see during a tour. Choosing popular, easy to clean surfaces like granite and marble is one place to start; however, it's also important to consider the intended use and aesthetic you want.

Limited counter space should be highly functional, but you can also get creative and enhance your lifestyle. A wine grotto transforms a wall of your kitchen into a stunning serving area with the right countertop to enhance the overall look of your kitchen.

wine grotto kitchen custom renovation

4) Trimmings

The trimmings around your kitchen may seem like small touches but play a pivotal role in your kitchen remodeling project. There are several approaches you can take, including:

Keep in mind that updating and reviving your kitchen trim may also require an overall paint strategy to tie the look of your kitchen together.

5) Paint

If your space feels dark or dated, you can give your kitchen an immediate update with a top to bottom paint refresh. In addition to your kitchen walls, try adding a fresh coat above cabinets, around doors, and along your kitchen trim. Your crown modeling and other areas may also need a paint touch up during your kitchen remodel. The team at Keechi Creek Builders transformed a dark kitchen with bright yellow and pink walls to this inviting, bright, and open gourmet kitchen with a neutral paint palette.

6) Appliances

Dated, inefficient appliances aren't just unsightly, they also cost you in the long-run with skyrocketing energy bills. New appliances don't have to cost a fortune and can increase a home's resale value with touches like restaurant-style cooking ranges and double ovens. Start by swapping out your old fridge for a spacious, energy-efficient option that helps reorganize your life while giving your kitchen an instant upgrade.

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Houston

Now that you have six custom kitchen remodeling ideas to choose from, it's time to figure out how to execute on your new look. Minor DIY kitchen projects may be within your reach, but larger upgrades are a big commitment that requires skill, the best materials, and the right strategy for a successful remodel. Or you can leave it up to the experts offering the best kitchen remodel services in Houston. Keechi Creek Builders works closely with our clients to determine:

The Keechi Creek Builders' team prides itself on creating beautiful spaces that improve your quality of life. We work closely with you while taking care of all of the details of your remodeling, restoration, or renovation needs. Ready to talk about your custom kitchen remodeling ideas? Get in touch for a free consultation.


5 Things to Know When Using Marble Countertops for Bathroom Remodeling Project in Houston, TX

Marble countertops are a timeless and graceful addition to any bathroom that offers an outstanding durability. This natural metamorphic rock that is formed from crystallized limestone contains lovely coloration and dramatic veining.

Marble is a pretty delicate and soft stone that can be easily stained or scratched. Thus, it is ideal to use marble countertops for bathrooms where they'll certainly receive proper maintenance, regular sealing, and gentle treatment.

Are you looking for bathroom remodeling ideas using marble countertops? This natural stone will introduce a sense of richness and sophistication that is well-suited for chic and elegant bathroom designs. Keep reading to reveal five important tips for bathroom remodeling using marble countertops.

#1 Color Options

Marble comes with a wide range of beautiful shades, including white, beige, green, black, gray, red, and pink etc. For an example, black marble countertops are always considered to be a classy and timeless addition when paired with an exquisite white vanity cabinet.

However, white Italian marble countertops are widely popular for bathroom remodeling. A white Italian marble countertop with a matching vanity and backsplash can create a cohesive and distinctive outlook.

#2 Finishing

In general, three types marble finishing are mostly popular for bathroom renovations. If you are looking for a glossy and lustrous shine, you should opt for polished marble finishing. Alternatively, you may either incorporate antiqued finishing (for a weathered look) or honed finishing (for a regular matte look).

#3 Edge Options

Marble is a soft natural stone that allows the fabricators to craft unique edge designs. When remodeling your bathroom with marble countertops, it's recommended to choose appropriate edge styling (according to your individual preference). The straight edges for marble countertops is a prevailing choice for many.

However, if you are looking for unique and unconventional design options, then you can opt for curving edge. Curving edge for marble countertops features a truly mesmerizing look (when crafted by the vetted professionals of a reliable renovation contractor).

#4 Practicality

Marble countertops require regular sealing and frequent maintenance to protect them from scratches, stains, and gouges. Also, it's recommended to pay an extra attention when you are dealing with perfumes, colognes, bathroom cleansers, or hair dyes. These kinds of liquids may cause etching or staining on marble.

#5 The Final Tip

Whether you are searching for a vintage, traditional, or modern look for bathroom remodeling, a uniquely-designed marble countertop will create an impressive appearance. To create an inspiring and impressive look for your bathroom, contact us for the best-possible outcome.

Article Contributor: Carrara Italian Marble Import is a Houston-based leading marble supplier. They import authentic white Italian marble directly from Italian quarry and supply it throughout the US to both wholesale and individual customers. To learn about them, visit their official website.

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