Is Your Family Ready for a Home Remodel?

Tackling a home remodel or renovation is a worthwhile venture offering incredible ROI and long-term rewards. But it can also be taxing on you and your family's well-being. Studies show that 60% of home renovations affect general well-being. The good news is you can take control of the situation and turn it into a positive experience for your family.

Before you start navigating your next home remodel, here's what to consider and how to create more stability along the way. 

Think About Your Children's Ages

Before diving into a home remodel, consider your children's ages and how they impact your project and their lives. Sometimes disruptions are worth the effort, especially if it means a pool for your kids to beat the Texas heat or enjoy a much-needed playroom to alleviate space issues.

But if your kids are young, you may decide that a complete remodel of your living room may not be worth the time and effort. After all, small kids have a way of leaving a mark on their surroundings. Or you could settle on structural changes so the room can grow with your family, but skip the investment in expensive furniture for now.

Consider Functional Projects with a Positive Impact

Home remodels and renovations are exciting, but we also know they interrupt your life. Consider functional projects that positively impact your family to helps fuel the right mindset during your remodel. Our team takes care of all the details to create a seamless and rewarding experience for your family.

Now is the time to think through why you want to remodel your home and how it will impact your family. With a garage refresh, your kids have more room for their bikes, toys, and gear, and the parents can reclaim the living room now that it's free from clutter. A roomier family room creates more opportunities for togetherness and bonding, and an outdoor kitchen inspires more time outside.

Talk with Your Remodel and Renovation Team

Choose a design, remodel, and renovation team with a track record for client satisfaction. Communication is among the most essential aspects of a project, and you should feel comfortable that your teams are open and transparent with you from start to finish.

Keeping an idea and project journal is also an effective way to stay on top of the details and make sure all of your requests are addressed. Make a note of who you spoke with, dates, desired outcomes, and when to follow up on any questions.

Set Appropriate Expectations with Your Family

Whether you have small or college-aged kids, discussing what to expect from your remodeling project is important. They won't necessarily understand the process, potential delays, or what the outcome looks like without some conversations about it.

Even spouses or other adults living in the house need appropriate expectations on timetables and budgets. Loop everyone in and encourage questions and open communication from start to finish. Their inquiries could also spark new questions to bring to your remodeling team.

Expect Delays

Even the smoothest home remodel projects are prone to delays. Supply chain issues, scheduling, and inclement weather can all impact your remodel. You can mitigate delays by choosing an established remodeling team. Keechi Creek Builders prioritizes your remodel and only works with talented, vetted contractors for a seamless project experience.

Create Stability and Backup Plans

Home remodeling projects interrupt your daily routine and need backup plans to give your family the stability they need. For example, if you remodel your kitchen, add a microwave or small fridge to your garage, den, or basement for a place to quickly warm-up food. A complete home renovation may require moving with relatives or renting short-term accommodations to create more stability and less disruption in your life.

Prioritize Your Budget

Remodeling your home could offer impressive ROI and a long-term positive impact. Research shows that, on average, home renovations provide a 70% ROI and improve your quality of life. Despite all that impressive return, it's still essential to think about how that impacts your budget right now.

Think through upcoming priorities in your family and whether or not you'll need a new car or other expenses to consider. You may decide to scale down on your project, delay it, or add more resources behind it to get it done before your kids go to college.

You can also ask what your family wants to prioritize and get your family more involved with the decision-making process. Even young kids can have a say in paint colors or ideas for special touches. The more they feel engaged, the more likely they will take a vested interest and ownership in the remodel.

Tomball Remodeling - Keechi Creek Builders

Next Steps with Your Home Remodel

A home remodel is a big commitment and financial investment, so make sure it goes as smoothly as possible from the very beginning. The team at Keechi Creek Builders understands your home is the center of your family unit and a place for your kids to grow up. Our team of experienced professionals works together to create a custom remodel to fit your signature style and lifestyle needs. Contact us today for a free quote on a custom kitchen! Call us today at 281-914-4951 or email us today.

Common DIY Fall and Winter Projects

The air is turning cool, and it's time to think about how to bring more cozy touches and creature comforts to your home. It's the perfect time to launch some of the most common DIY fall and winter projects on your list. From kitchen to innovative storage options, here's how to start your remodeling and renovation journey.

Work on a Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel in The Woodlands - Keechi Creek BuildersA kitchen remodel is popular any time of year but tends to spike during fall and winter. Whether it's about wanting more space to entertain or thinking ahead to the holidays, a kitchen remodel helps maximize your space and aesthetic. Some DIY options may work well for your needs, from a paint touch-up to new appliances and cabinet faces. But if you're thinking about an expanded island with matching backsplash or countertops, you need the help of professionals.

The design and renovation team at Keechi Creek Builders helps identify and expand your vision for the perfect kitchen. We'll talk through your storage, layout, and style options to make the most of your budget for high-quality results.

Install a Backyard Fire Pit

A backyard fire pit expands the enjoyment of your property into the chilly winter months. Fire pits are relatively easy to install, depending on the style you want. Unless you want something basic, you need a concrete base in your yard to keep your fire pit safe and may require a specific size if you plan to use it under a covered area. Make sure you follow all the manufacturer's recommendations before firing up your pit and ensure it's safely put out after each use.

Create an Outdoor Entertaining Area

Why stop at a DIY fire pit? An outdoor entertaining area creates an oasis under the stars. We specialize in outdoor spaces, including living rooms and kitchens, to make the most of your yard. We work with both small and expansive properties to find a functional look that you love to spend time in. From a pizza oven to a media center, we'll work with you to incorporate your creature comforts with the necessities on your wish list.

The crisp weather could be the perfect time to install a custom pool to your outdoor entertaining area. Avoid the summer rush and work with the team at Keechi Creek Builders to get your pool ready before summertime. We'll assess your yard, long-term goals, whether or not you want to add a pool house, and how you'll use your pool. Someone who wants to lounge or exercise benefits from a different layout and size than a large family who enjoys entertaining the entire neighborhood.

Check Your Windows

If your utility bills are slowly creeping up, it could be time to replace your windows. Depending on the windows you already have, you could save as much as $583 a year by replacing them with an EnergyStar option. Adding heavier window treatments and sealing up cracks can also help make your home more energy-efficient.

Beyond focusing on a more efficient home, you can also consider adding more windows to improve the natural light. An expert renovation team can also help identify new ways to bring in the sunshine with additional windows in your closet and bathroom.

Rethink Your Storage Options

Luxury garage with car - Custom home designer CypressIs lack of space frustrating you? It may have less to do with your home's size and more with your lack of storage. Built-in storage in your attic or basement can help you get started. But you also need an expert to identify ways to rethink your closet, garage, and empty spaces around your home. For example, a luxury garage with premium floors and a media center can also double as an expanded storage space for your home's miscellaneous items.  

Indulge in a Bathroom Remodel

A DIY bathroom remodel adds more warmth to your day. Consider a new vanity or updating your toilet and plumbing to prevent slow leaks. Or work with the award-winning team at Keechi Creek Builders to identify luxury updates from a bathroom sauna to an oversized walk-in shower and heated floors to bring more functionality and comfort to your day.

Next Steps

Going the DIY approach may work well for small projects, especially if you're passionate about the work. But working with an expert reduces unnecessary expenses, speeds along the process, and ensure you're getting the best quality and ROI for your budget. Ready to reimagine what's possible for your home? Contact the team at Keechi Creek Builders to discuss your kitchen remodel project. Our Design Services include AutoCAD & 3D Renderings, Engineering & Architectural Plans, HOA, and Municipality permitting. 

Avoid These Mistakes When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodels are an effective way to increase your home's enjoyment, functionality, and ROI. Even a minor kitchen remodel can bring an 81.1% return on your investment. Of course, if you want to maximize the value of your remodel, you want to do it right the first time. Before you start, here are the mistakes to avoid when remodeling your kitchen.

Ignoring the Flow of Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a central gathering space and one of your home's most functional and heavily trafficked areas. It requires the proper flow for entertaining, family time, and cooking, so approach your kitchen remodel with your day-to-day movement in mind.

Consider how you'll get from your oven to the kitchen island or through the doorway to the dining area and back. You may decide an open-concept kitchen is the right choice for your family or want to create a separate room from your home. Whatever you choose, work with a kitchen remodeling team to ensure the flow works for your needs and aligns with your expectations.

Choosing Your Materials Out of Order

When tackling a kitchen remodel, it's easy to get caught up in the big-picture fantasy and forget the details. For example, you could choose your cabinets and later realize they won't work with your favorite countertop granite. Instead, your materials must be considered together, from flooring to fixtures, to ensure they enhance your kitchen's aesthetics.

Focusing on Value Over Functionality and Style

Unless you have an unlimited budget, there's always a sense of urgency to find the best value for your kitchen. Sticking to your budget is always recommended, but you shouldn't compromise functionality and style. Choosing poor-quality materials turns your kitchen into something to tolerate instead of enjoying. The team at Keechi Creek Builder blends value, functionality, and style to find a design and price point that works for you.

Forgetting to Plan for Storage

Storage is an essential part of your kitchen's functionality. Whether you cook or entertain, you need enough cabinets, drawers, and shelving to accommodate your needs. You can also get creative if you don't like the look of excess cabinets. An oversized kitchen island hides away storage below eye level and keeps your focus on your loved ones.

Kitchens are increasingly transformed into multi-functional rooms to accommodate projects, homework, talking with friends, and working on hobbies. Instead of tucking everything into your pots and pans storage, we can talk through dedicated cabinetry and storage systems to make your kitchen as efficient as possible.

Failing to Maximize Your Space

Kitchen remodel - wine cave - keechi creek buildersEven open-concept kitchens benefit from maximizing your available space. You can still create an open flow while considering empty corners, awkward nooks, and crannies. The team at Keechi Creek Builders are experts at specialty projects, including wine caves and unique areas. We'll consider your goals and how to align them with your existing space.

Not Thinking About Your Appliances

Before you dive into a kitchen remodel, consider your appliances. Will you use your existing fridge, stove, and other devices or purchase new ones? The answer could impact the color palate, and overall kitchen remodel design.

You may not want a luxury design without investing in high-end appliances. You may also need to allocate additional funds to your devices or upgrade to a smart system.

Overdoing the DIY Trend

The rise of home remodeling shows and social media channels makes the DIY trend look positively tantalizing. Although some minor renovation projects may make sense for your budget, tackling a kitchen remodel requires an experienced team. From securing the correct permitting to finding the best contractors and materials, a seasoned kitchen renovation team understands the unique needs of your project and executes your vision safely and efficiently.

The alternative is a kitchen you feel disappointed over or regret the investment. Studies show that four in ten people have more DIY failures than successes. The mistakes can get costly quickly and tack on extra expenses to your budget.

Next Steps

Ready to reimagine what's possible for your home? Contact the team at Keechi Creek Builders to discuss your kitchen remodel project. Our Design Services include AutoCAD & 3D Renderings, Engineering & Architectural Plans, HOA, and Municipality permitting. 

When and Why You Need A Home Remodel

If you've always wanted to remodel or renovate your home, there's must to do than pick out eye-catching projects. From the right functionality to increasing your home's value, here are the whens and whys behind a home remodel and taking the next steps.

Enhance the Enjoyment of Your Home

A home should hold its value and maximize your investment, but be a place you enjoy living in. Making space for your family, friends, and lifestyle are a few places to focus on. If you enjoy being outdoors, consider a custom pool and outdoor kitchen and living room that expands the functionality of your property while enhancing its enjoyment.

Even your most underused spaces can transform to embrace more enjoyment and creature comforts. Consider adding a sauna or heated floors to your master bathroom, or outfit your closet with luxury touches and a storage island that maximizes efficiency and is a more comfortable way to start your day. 

Increase Your Home's ROI

One of the most popular reasons for a home remodel, or renovation is the increased ROI. Even if you don't plan to move right away, the ROI of a project can make it worth the investment and offer some peace of mind that you'll recoup the costs over time. Depending on the scope of your project, here are some ideas of the potential RO: 

ROI can fluctuate, so discuss your expectations with your design and home remodeling team. The types of home remodel projects you choose can also impact each other. For example, the ROI of a custom pool may not motivate you to proceed, but combining it with an outdoor living room and kitchen could provide the value and enjoyment you're looking for.

You're Thoughtful About How Long You'll Be in the Home

If you know you want to make a move soon, increasing the ROI of your home can help improve the potential offers. A home remodel also helps make the most of your home if you intend to stay in it long-term. After all, increasing ROI is worthwhile primarily if you plan to turn around and sell your home in the near future and benefit from the appreciation in price. But staying in your home indefinitely also requires an efficient and comfortable layout that blends functionality, style, and style to enjoy where you are for the long haul. 

Make More Use of Your Space

Design Trends 2023 - Keechi Creek BuildersDo you have awkward spaces around your home that don't serve a purpose? We can help make the most of the space you have to increase its function and purpose. Even a nook under your staircase can transform into a luxury pet kennel that reflects your home's style and brings comfort to your furry friends. Our design and home remodel team also creates wine grottos, man caves, luxury closets, and garages.

Create More Functionality

Even if you're making the most out of your space, that doesn't mean it's always functional. Take a look a what's going on in your kitchen, closets, and bathrooms. What is your storage like, and how well does the room flow and make your day easier?

We can create efficient, space-saving rooms that maximize storage while giving you more room to relax. Whether you want a more functional kitchen that also serves as the hub of your home or improved closets, we'll talk through your vision and goals for your home. 

You Have the Funds and Desire for a Home Remodel

Ask yourself what kind of funds are available for your home remodeling project. Depending on your situation, you may decide to pursue a home equity line of credit to renovate your kitchen or add on a new bathroom. But it's also essential to measure how vested you are and to expect interruptions in your day-to-day. Working with the right team can help. Keechi Creek Builders makes the experience as stress-free as possible, including securing permitting and the best contractors in the industry. 

Next Steps

Ready to reimagine what's possible for your home? Our Design Services include AutoCAD & 3D Renderings, Engineering & Architectural Plans, HOA, and Municipality permitting. Contact the team at Keechi Creek Builders to discuss your home remodel project.

Custom Home Building Process in Houston, Texas

Custom Home Building Process in Houston TexasIf you're thinking about a new home, it's essential to understand the custom home building process in Houston, Texas. The process can feel overwhelming but is straight-forward and can be easier than purchasing an existing home. You end up with the exact home you want without the need for costly renovations or continuous house hunting.

Get started and find your own customized home with our expert tips.

Do Your Research

Researching the custom home building process in Houston, Texas, is the first step in your journey. It's as simple as requesting a builder's portfolio or viewing it online. However, you want to view the outside of the home, as well as several rooms inside. A portfolio that only features the exterior of the house doesn't offer enough context. Get an example of a comprehensive portfolio with Keechi Creek Builders.

Initiate a Meeting with the Builder

Request a meeting with the builder to discuss your vision and plans for the future. The discussion shouldn't feel like a sales meeting, and instead, focus on what you're looking for. Here are a few examples of things to consider for your custom home build:

It's essential to refine why you want to live in the home. The more the builder understands your vision and needs, the more they can customize it to fit your lifestyle.

Initiate a Second Meeting to Tour Areas and Lot Sections

Once you're comfortable with the builder, it's time to initiate a second meeting to tour areas and lot sections. You'll also discuss finances, budget, and permit requirements for your custom home build. Expert builders with knowledge of the area should have in-depth knowledge of the permitting process and Houston lots. Keechi Creek Builders has been in the custom home building business for 15 years and has an intimate understanding of the marketplace and Houston lots.

Get a Custom Home Estimate

Pricing for the custom home building process in Houston, Texas, can vary depending on your interests, location, and builder. Ask for a detailed quote that breaks down your home estimate. The builder may give you a basic estimate that comes with a few customizable features to choose from. Another tier may include an estimate for luxury upgrades, an outdoor kitchen, or a custom pool. Once both parties agree on all of the customizations, it's time to get to work on the home plan design.

Receive Your Home Plan Design

Once your builder has your specifications for features and upgrades, the team will get to work on the home plan design. At an agreed-upon date, you will see your custom floor plan. You'll also have the opportunity to review and approve your designs before signing a contract to build your home. If you changed your mind about any upgrades or have questions about the process, now is the time to ask.

Get Ready for Contract and Closing

It's time to sign the contract and close on your building plans before construction begins. Your final contract will now be delivered with an itemized list of everything. The builder can also discuss financing options, what to expect, and any preferred lenders they like to recommend to their clients.

Your Construction Begins

As construction begins, your design team should regularly keep you in the loop with updates, check-ins, and progress views. Ask your build team about timeframes for when your home will be complete to make sure it aligns with your goals and needs. They should have a range that incorporates delay time due to inclement weather or holidays. 

As your custom home design comes together, you'll realize the benefits of getting to decide what your home will look like and how it complements your lifestyle.  If you're ready to discuss your custom home building process in Houston, Texas, get in touch with Keechi Creek Builders to discuss your dream house.

Preparing for New Home Post Construction Clean Up in Houston, TX

Whether you had your dream custom home built or major construction work done in your current house, cleaning up afterwards is essential but not an easy task to accomplish.

Houston, TX is a lively city where construction works, both commercial and residential, are a common sight. Living in urban areas comes with its advantages so one can easily look up post construction clean up services in the city.

If you are planning to hire construction clean up services, Quick Response Janitorial Services, a leading post construction cleaning company in Houston, Texas suggested a few considerations to ponder upon:

#1 Size of Construction

It is important to evaluate the scale of the construction work before you hire a cleanup service in Houston.  Major construction projects include walls, moving and building of structural elements. Remodeling includes carpentry, drywall and cabinets. Cleaning of the site after a paint job can also be hired for. Evaluation of the construction size will help you hire relevant services so that you can save time and money.

#2 Make a List

In order to get organized for the cleanup, make a list of items that you need cleaned or dusted. Post construction, the furniture or built-in elements like walls or cabinets can collect dust and grime. Professional services in Houston provide the appropriate expertise to deal with the cleaning of specific items. Making a list ensures that nothing is missed out and the services provider can already come prepared along with the appropriate tools on the cleaning day.

#3 Window Cleaning

If you had windows in the vicinity of the construction site, which usually is the case, you need to figure out if you want to get them cleaned inside and out or only at one side. If you can make it work with one side, then there is no need to spend extra money on unnecessary cleaning. However, even if your construction was external, dust and grime can often find its way inside as well.

Tips for Hiring Post Construction Cleaning Service in Houston, TX

When hiring a local post construction cleaning company, consider the following tips to have a better experience:

  1. Hire a company in your local neighborhood. It makes it easier both money and time wise.
  2. Search several companies to compare quality of the service and the cost as well.
  3. Many companies are pre-screened and listed online. It is better to select a pre-screened service. Also, check the reviews left by customers about the service. Reviews often don’t express an honest picture but can still help you get an idea.
  4. When you have selected and hired a Houston post construction clean up service, make sure you cooperate with them. Be clear about what and how you want the site to be cleaned up.
  5. If you have a preference for cleaning items like detergents and solutions, you may let the cleaning professionals know beforehand. This also applies if you have certain allergies.

After your new home construction, you'll definitely need professional cleaning company to come in and clean up all the mess. Post construction clean up companies in Houston offer a wide range of services - from blinds and shades cleaning to room organizers and wall and ceiling cleaning.

Article Contributor: Quick Response Janitorial Services is a leading janitorial company in Houston, TX and its surrounding areas. They help businesses maintain their commercial facilities clean and tidy. To learn more about them, visit their website at

Quick Response Janitorial Services
9421 Campbell Rd, Houston, TX 77080
(713) 686-6175

4 Best Smart Locks to Install in Your New Custom Home

Today’s technology allows you access to some of the best products on the market for your home. One of the best times to change your locks is when you move into a new custom house. Security should be a high priority to you. Having new locks installed isn’t expensive and will keep your family safe from break-ins.

You should also replace older locks on your door. Over time, they become worn and do not work as well as they need to. Older models do not give the necessary protection for your home. You could easily have one of these 4 smart locks installed for added convenience and safety.

There are many digital locks on the market that allow you to unlock your house with the use of your phone. If you were to get locked out, you wouldn’t have to call a locksmith. Here’s a look at the top rated smart locks that let you do that.

1. August Smart Lock

A great thing about smart locks is that they pair right to your smartphone. This one comes with a function that allows you to program a unique digital code. The code acts just like a key. When you need to enter your home, simply input the code.

Another great feature is that each person receives their own code. The lock actually tracks who enters the house. You have access to keep an eye on your house from remote locations as well. It also features automatic locking and unlocking.

2. Schlage Connect TouchScreen Deadbolt

This lock comes with three different alarm modes that set off when someone touches the door. These alarms will stop when the door opens. This feature notifies you if the door’s security is in danger at any time.

The lock can hold 30 codes at a time and each household member has their own code. Another neat feature called Z-wave comes with this lock. Z-wave gives you online access to the lock so you can control it from your phone or computer.

3. Polycontrol Danalock V2

The Polycontrol Danalock V2 is designed like the August smart lock. It has the Z-wave feature that the Schlage deadbolt has and is also updated from the older version of the lock. Some users may enjoy its Airbnb compatibility.

According to Skilled Locksmith, this lock was extensively used for over 1,000 new homes in the recent mass development project in Katy, Texas and since then it has been adopted by many local and national builders.

4. Kwikset Touch-to-Open Smart Lock

This model has a key fob that is convenient for homeowners. You can use a physical key to unlock the door. Or you can tap the lock with a key fob. Like other smart locks, this one also keeps a memory of when the door locks and unlocks with its re-locking features.

While other smart locks allow you remote access, this lock charges you a fee for that feature. However, it does sync to specific thermostats inside your home and door bells.

While there are several high-tech smart locks on the market, these are four of the most popular ones. Spend some time researching which ones are right for your home. A locksmith will also give you any advice you need.

Kitchen Remodeling: The One Investment That Will Help You Sell Your Houston Home Fast

There is no denying that remodeling your kitchen is one of the best possible ways to ensure your home gets snapped up fast. A newly renovated, modernized kitchen is a great asset for a property to have, and greatly appeals to prospective buyers.

Not only does it make the property look better, but it also adds value to the dwelling. Plus, it reduces the amount of work the new owners will have to put in, contributing to the overall appeal. So, if you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen before putting your Houston house up for sale, then here are a few essential tips and tricks to follow.

Appeal to the Masses

If you’re renovating purely to sell your home in a short period of time, then you have to choose materials and styles that will attract the bigger crowd. Opt for high-quality, stainless steel appliances that will last a long time. Invest extra money on small touches like soft-closing cabinet doors and drawers.

And most important of all, do not over-personalize the kitchen. Follow the current design trends that have proven to be popular, that are likely to stay attractive for a long time to come. It’s all about the neutral shades and minimalistic design. If you get it right, viewers in your will see the design as a definite advantage of the property.

Be Realistic In Terms of Cost

When remodeling your kitchen, it’s so important to remember to not get too carried away. After all, you won’t be living there for much longer! Spend what you can realistically afford, but don’t spend more on a renovation project that is more than what the value of your house can support.

Spend around six to ten percent to get guaranteed fair returns, but nothing more than that. The kitchen will still end up looking fantastic for the new homeowners, and you won’t have broken the bank in the process. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Get Advice From Real Estate Professionals

You probably already know that keeping the color scheme simple and neutral in the kitchen is always a winner in terms of attracting potential buyers. Not only this, but following the current trends and modernizing the space is always a good idea, too.

It’s always wise to run this past a real estate professional and obtain some useful advice from someone who knows the tricks of the trade. Therefore, seek help of a licensed REALTOR from a trusted local real estate company.

Find out what buyers like in a kitchen, and what they don’t. According to Andrey, Keller Williams Memorial's leading realtor, whether it’s a certain appliance, hue or feature, it’s vital to find out what is popular right now.

Add Attractive Features

Making sure it’s within a realistic budget, inserting appealing features into your kitchen can be a great way to sell your home fast. Whether this means extra storage space, a hidden pantry, under-cabinet lighting or under-floor heating, any one of these can set your kitchen apart from the rest.

Features like these will enable your property to stand out amongst any potential competition. Small added touches also reduce the work needed on the house, which is attractive to most buyers.

Open the Space Up

Opening up your kitchen to make it bigger can be done if your budget allows for it. It’s a fantastic way to appeal to viewers and a wise idea if the space is a little on the small side. Open plan kitchens have proven to be very popular and trendy in recent years, so knocking out a wall or two is a viable option if you want a quick sale of your property.

Promote, Promote, Promote

How can you let the public know about your house on sale with a newly renovated kitchen if you don’t promote it? Take advantage of social media, forums, local newspapers and popular real estate websites.

Spread the word to friends and family to pass it on to those who are looking for a new home. A property on the market with modernized rooms is likely to be incredibly popular, so it’s important to attract viewings in the first place.

So, if you haven’t already figured it out, it is safe to say that remodeling your kitchen is a guaranteed way to sell the property quickly. In fact, based on the recent research conducted by Houston house cash buyers group House Cashin, homes with renovated kitchen stay on the market on average 30 days shorter in comparison to homes with not renovated kitchen.

Brand new, modern rooms is what most buyers look for when they attend viewings. Remember to think neutral shades and features that will stand out from other kitchens.

However, ensure that this can be done without over spending and going over your desired budget. If all is done correctly, a remodel job is so rewarding when it comes to someone wanting to purchase your home.

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